Monday, November 26, 2012

she is always on my mind . . .

Artist Girl was gone all week-end. She took off on Thursday evening upset about something and didn't return home until yesterday. I knew she was going to a friend's house and she finally touched base with me Saturday night. She is twenty three years old and so, it's not like I can place the same demands I once did when she was younger.

I'm learning that mental illness is a selfish bitch.

For reasons that make no sense to me, Artist Girl ran out of her meds on Thursday. She didn't tell us until tonight. I'm scheduled to go out of town on business tomorrow. Most rational adults would understand that when you are getting low on your meds that help you to maintain at a certain level of funcationality, you need to make sure to refill those meds and not wait until you are completely out.

Completely out as in more than one or two days.

All I can do is tell her that she matters. That I love her and that tomorrow, she needs to call the pharmacy as soon as possible so that the pharmacy can call her psychiatrist to okay her refills. When her mood has stabilized, then I can talk to her about her responsibility to her mental well-being.

She worries because I tend to be "broke" by the end of the month. However, just because I don't have cash in my account doesn't mean there isn't some way of getting her the medication she needs.

In other news, a blogging friend that I've never had the pleasure of meeting in real life is facing the unbearable reality that her husband is dying. I already shared with her that I think about both her and her husband on a daily basis. I was hoping to meet her this week, but know that (obviously) she needs to be there for her husband.

My dear friend, we will meet one of these days soon. Cancer is another selfish bitch that I wish none of us ever had to deal with.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm so sorry about your friend.

Does Artist Girl have a cellphone with a calendar function? You might make sure she sets alerts. Her pharmacy can also put her on auto-refill program. The meds have to get take--for her sanity and yours. I'm glad she's home safe.

Margaret said...

I appreciate your thoughts! I have such a wonderful group of friends. So sorry about the daughter stress. Life is tough.