Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Loving the life you have . . .

I found out yesterday that a colleague passed away this past week-end. She was on a trip with family and they think that she had a heart attack.

It was a shock to everyone.

I've also talked to two different teachers this summer whose spouses are battling very serious illnesses.

It is circumstances such as these that make one reflect on your own life.

Last week, I had to cancel plans to attend a conference. I canceled my attendance to the conference because my husband managed to get the week off. He works for a small business and has to notify his boss weeks in advance that he needs time off. When things slow down or when the boss thinks he can handle not having my husband there, he lets him have the time off. It was literally the Friday before I was scheduled to leave that I found out he had the week off.

All week-end, I ruminated over my being gone for the week, knowing that my husband and kids would be here. I decided that I needed to take this time to be with my family.

After hearing about the death of my colleague, I'm glad I made this decision.

While we did nothing particularly special, it was just nice being together and enjoying each others' company. We did manage one day trip with the kids who all enjoyed themselves. It was great to see the three of them together, hanging out with each other and just having fun. I know that there will not be too many more of these special occasions as two of my three are young adults and within the next couple of years, more than likely, will have lives very independent of me.

We all have times where we get depressed and question where we are at in our lives. It's important to keep it all in perspective.

I'm healthy, my husband's healthy and so are my three kids. I love my life and am so very grateful for them.


Joan said...

I have had to keep what is important front and center this year. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and then a young friend was diagnosed with cancer.

I am so sorry to hear about your colleague. Those things really do rock us to the core.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm glad you took the week. So sad about your colleague--and yes, it does provide perspective.

Mrs. Chili said...

Your priorities are exactly where they're supposed to be. My family comes first: no questions, no arguments.

Margaret said...

You absolutely did the right thing--SEIZE the days and the moments. Carpe diem and all that. Glad you had family time.