Monday, September 10, 2007

Making it Through the Screening Process

A week before the new school year, our staff was introduced to our new VP. We were told that our new VP had over twenty years of experience in education. It was assumed by all of our staff that he was qualified to be a VP, after all, he had gone through what we were assured had been a rigorous screening process.

It was thus, quite shocking to our staff when school did start that our new, highly qualified, VP was nowhere to be seen. We were told that because he was coming from out of state that there were some things that needed to be cleared up regarding his administrative credential. While the confusion was cleared up, he was placed in an administrative position in our district and an interim VP was put in his place. We were told that it would be just a matter of a couple of weeks and he would be in place as our new VP.

Well, the wait is over.

Basically, the district screwed up. In the process, they may have opened themselves up for a lawsuit as a result of their screw up. The man hired as our VP didn't have any of the proper credentials to work as an administrator at a school site anywhere in California. He failed the CBEST, didn't have a teaching credential, and wasn't even enrolled in any type of administrative program. His twenty years of experience in education was in actuality, six years as a counselor in another state and then working for some type of non profit organization with troubled youth for a decade.

In the midst of this quagmire, he was employed as an administrator for our district, pulling in a tidy salary and full benefits in an amount of around $100,000, (+/- 8,000 a month) if not more. Meanwhile, we have another person filling in his position at our school site who is probably making the same amount. Mercifully, once all of this became public, our VP who wasn't, decided to resign.

However the questions that I have are: how did he make it through the screening process and how can we justify the amount of money he was paid in salary + benefits while the district tried to figure out their mess. Please keep in mind that our district was taken over by the state four years ago due to the fact that we were $40 million in debt. The state "bailed" us out with the caveat the we have a state appointed administrator in charge. It was our state administrator and his staff that allowed this latest fiasco to occur.


Miss A said...

WOW!!! Don't you have to turn in a copy of your credential when you apply for the job? I've applied for several jobs in which they want a copy of the license shortly after the application. Even before the interview. Amazing how stuff like this can happen? I want to how in the world he was able to "fake the funk" for so long.

Mrs. Chili said...

AH, bureaucracy!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Someone was asleep at the proverbial switch. What a grim story!

Repairman said...

HR Director = g-o-n-e.

Mike in Texas said...

Easy, he had a friends in high places who thought they could slip him in.

Polski3 said...

In two months, such a transgression will be forgotten....because it was made by an administrator. NOW, if a teacher had screwed up so badly, said teacher would be out in the street.