Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why it matters

I spent a lot of time reflecting about Friday's incident and agonized over what I could have done differently. A couple of people in response to Friday's incident commented that I bring my own attitude into the classroom and they are 100% correct. In the future, I will strive to allow the student to save face because I feel that this might have been a very big part of this particular incident and others' as well. The reality for too many of my students is that their reputation on the street is sometimes all they've got. (I hope that's grammatically correct, Miss Chili!)

Yesterday when I returned to school, I was apprehensive about the reactions of my other students. I felt great relief that many came up to me in the morning to ask if I was o.k. My afternoon group is a rather rambunctious group who always keep me on my toes. However, they mentioned to me that they didn't feel like the girl in Friday's incident "treated me or herself with dignity or respect." These are my two major themes in my classroom. I don't think it's enough to only teach kids about respect, rather I think they need to learn about dignity. I also tell them that not only should they treat others with dignity and respect, but more importantly, themselves as well.

It was, if nothing else, a "teachable moment."

Today I received the following in an e-mail:

thanks to the number one teacher ever.

This one made me smile. It also helped me immensely to get all of the thoughtful comments as well as a couple of personal e-mails from my blogging friends. There have a been a few comments that have really touched me and helped me to understand that mistakes are going to be made. Sometimes we blow it in some way. However I think it's important for our students to see that we are human, who don't always do things the best or even right way, but we are able to admit our faults and learn something from it.


Frumteacher said...

Print out that e-mail and keep it in a visible place. It shows that your students are being reached by your lessons about dignity and respect. That must be a wonderful feeling!

Repairman said...

What Frumteacher said.

Miss Profe said...

Co-signing with Frumteacher and repairman. Also, keep a copy for your personal and personnel file.