Saturday, August 11, 2007

Free Laminating Offer

Office Max is offering free laminating for teachers. The link will open a .pdf file which you can then save to your computer.

Hope someone finds this useful.


M-Dawg said...

Thank you!

I have a stack of stuff that needed to be laminated.

Thanks for the heads up - anytime I can save a few pennies, life is good.

I wish my current school had a laminating machine. :-(

Bellezza said...

Thanks for the tip! I don't laminate much, but it will be very helpful as there's a huge stack (from first grade) by our school laminating machine. They might as well just go ahead and laminate the first graders.

Bell Work Online said...

That's interesting. My school has a laminating machine, but they don't want us to use it at all.