Friday, May 25, 2007

This is what a Junior Safety Patrol Officer of the Year Looks Like!

We went to the awards ceremony last night. His vice principal came up to me right before it started to tell me that she had awarded him the above honor for his school. As you can see from the picture he was very surprised. My son being who he is was given the mic by the officer in charge of the program. The officer stated to the audience, "this kid is never at a loss for words, so I'm going to hand the mic over to him."

Of course, the police officer was right. The youngest took the mic and said, "I have two words." My husband had a look of panic on his face because two of the youngest's favorite wrestlers say those two words and then say something that would not have been appropriate in that particular circumstance. However, the youngest continued on, "Thank you!"

He was even happier when it was announced that all Junior Safety Patrol Officers of the Year would be receiving a brand new bike with a helmet. The police officer came up to us afterwards to tell us what a good kid he is and how much he always looked forward to coming to his school because of the youngest being there. The youngest has told us that when he grows up he wants to be a policeman. Who knows? Maybe he will!


Law and Order Teacher said...

I was one of those safety patrol kids. I went on to join the military and become a police officer. I went to Vietnam in 1972 and became a police in 1975. Your son's desire to become a police officer may seem to be a childish desire but it is important to have citizens that are willing to take on the obligation to protect the rest of us, whether in the military or the police. Please encourage your son.

ms-teacher said...

I've encouraged all three of my kids to do what they love to do. I would be very proud of the youngest if he grew up to be a police officer.

Mrs. N said...

Congrats to your youngest!!!

Jane said...

Awesome! I live for these assemblies and honoring stand up kids!