Friday, May 18, 2007

Our Life would be SO much Easier

If more parents were like this parent. Now, whattdya wanna bet, that if the school had ordered this for a student, they would have been sued. Fortunately Maisha's mom wanted her to learn a lesson about not being a bully. This punishment will more than likely have a positive impact on Maisha because it's apparent her mom doesn't tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Kudos to mom for holding her daughter accountable. I wish more parents would do the same!!


tamasha said...

Damn! Public humiliation would stop so much! :)

Gary said...

Was she not involved with the school and her daughter enough to know that this was going on? Was this the first time?

I'm afraid I think this is not the best idea. It seems a little much a little too late -- vindictive, almost.

Humiliation doesn't teach much except anger.

ms-teacher said...

According to the article, mom was involved at the school. Also, I agree that this probably would not be a good thing in most cases. I think generally the daughter wasn't a troublemaker, but mom found out about an incident that her daughter was involved in and didn't want her daughter to eventually get into more trouble.

The administrator in the article felt that this parent knows her daughter the best. This would not be something I would advocate on the whole, however, my point was that if more parents would get involved in the discipline of their children, schools would be a much better place.

Miss Profe said...

Public humiliation, used early enough, does work.

Bottom line: Parents need to do their jobs: be parents. This mom obviously takes her role seriously, and is letting her daughter know that mama doesn't play.

Proverbs16three said...
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Law and Order Teacher said...

It used to be that the fear of public censure was enough to deter most bad behavior. I find it strange that it seems that this type punishment is not acceptable. I guess that we let the behavior proceed until something serious happens. First we complain that parents don't get involved, now we complain that they get too involved. Maybe we can work together to set up a behavior plan. :-) Let's try to show her that her behavior is not acceptable by putting in her jail after she does something really bad. All that kumbaya crap is horribly ineffective. My parents had to tell me one time not to do something. Maybe this girl needs a little prodding. Good for you Mom!!!

Tyra said...

Read carefully what that sign says: I ENGAGED IN BULLYING BEHAVIOR. It doesn't say, I am a bully, and the Assistant Principal at Miasha's school even says that she isn't a "bully" and that in fact she works with severely disabled students.

Considering the grace and humility with which she's accepted her punishment, it should be obvious that she's a good kid who made a bad mistake and has learned from it. Let's accept that Ms Spann knows her daughter better than we do, because the assistant principal also described Ms Spann as a "loving, supportive parent" who is very active on campus.

Sounds to me like a mother and a daughter who are extremely lucky to have each other. On second thought, it's probably not "luck" at all, but good parenting from Ms Spann and responsiveness and respect from Miasha. I have a feeling this is has been the kind of "wake up call" for Miasha that means Ms Spann won't have to impose this kind of sanction in the future.

ms-teacher said...

tyra, I agree. This is not something I would outright condone, but I think that the parent really knows her daughter. She appears to be very active at the school and in her daughter's life.